Patagonia Park 

feature-length, in development, expected 2021 release


Producer: Sara Archambault

Executive Producers: Grasshopper + Marks' Ryan Krivoskey, Andy Marks and Beata Gutman 

On former ranch lands in Patagonia, Chile, a vast private park is established by billionaire conservationists and tended by people whose herds previously grazed its valleys and hunted its pumas. Through the eyes of a determined Chilean conservation team – a wildlife director, puma tracker, and endangered birds caretaker – Patagonia Park follows the tireless process of conservation "by hand” in a remote and unforgiving landscape. With its focus on the people whose deliberate, solitary labor jumpstarts the process of rewilding and healing the landscape from former harms, the film examines the deep care and at times violent interventions that come with the conservation work at the center of one of the most ambitious public parks projects in the world.


With support from the University of Colorado Boulder's CMCI DeCastro Faculty Research Award and in-kind equipment support from the Film Study Center at Harvard University and the Department of Critical Media Practices at the University of Colorado Boulder.